Weediquette Season 3 - Viceland - Dir. of Photography

Bushmills "Colossal" - Vice Media - Dir. of Photography

Night Train With Wyatt Cenac - Dir. of Photography

John Grant "Voodoo Doll" - The Hidden Fortress - Dir. of Photography

Bushmills "Bun Ker" - Vice Media - Dir. of Photography

Spotlight On Spotlight - Boston Globe/Rare Icons - Dir. of Photography

Sesame Workshop "Make Believe With Math" - Dir. of Photography

Solid Works Born To Design "Diagnostics for All" - Small Army Productions - Dir. of Photography

Weediquette Seasons 1&2; Vice - Camera Operator 

Uncorked - Series; Esquire Network - Camera Operator/DP 

3AM - Series; Showtime - Camera Operator/DP 

Breaking A Monster - Documentary; Dir. Luke Meyer - Camera Operator (SXSW Official Selection)

Diane Von Furstenberg's Fashion First; Dir. Bettina Santo Domingo - Dir. of Photography

Rogers Telecom "Roam Like Home" / "The Question" - Commercial; Industry Films - Camera Operator

Reebok One "Anthony Pettis - Rise of a Champion" - Short Doc; Small Army - Dir. of Photography "A Guy Walks into a Bar" - Commercial; Dir. of Photography

Clear Channel "Times Square" - Commercial; The Hidden Fortress - Dir. of Photography

Sam Adams "Mass Craft" - Commercial; Big Brother Prod. - Camera Operator

Fila "TMNT" - Commercial; The Hidden Fortress - Camera Operator

Pioneers Season 1 - Series; National Geographic  - Camera Operator 

American Fringe Season 1 - Series; Hot Snakes Media - Dir. of Photography 

Time Warner Business Class - Commercial; Civilian Studios - Camera Operator

Doorway to Joe - Documentary; Dir. Scott Gracheff - Camera Operator (in production)

Reebok "Blue Eyed Samurai" - Commercial; Small Army Prod - Camera Operator

Marc Jacobs "Daisy" - Commercial; Mash Studio - Camera Operator

Reebok "The Russians" - Commercial; Small Army Prod - Camera Operator

Amish Mafia Season 2 - Series; Discovery Channel - Camera Operator 

Christie Projectors "T.I.N.Y." - Industrial - Dir. of Photography

Sesame Street "Explores National Parks, Gateway National..." - Camera Operator